Art in Isolation

The Teen Arts Council exists to give teens spaces to share art with each other and with the general public, and our goal is to continue to do that even in more difficult situations. 


Art in Isolation is a collaborative video project meant to document teens in this community during this time in history, and show how art helps people cope. 

The videos you send in will be edited together into one final video and we will also upload the full video submissions to a gallery on this website.


Submission Guidelines:

We are looking for 2 kinds of video. To participate, feel free to submit one or both:


  • Video that shows you engaging in, or a completed work of, artistic expression made during school closure as a result of the virus. The art itself does not need to be in response to the virus, and can be of any scale and medium - from learning to play uke in your bedroom to reading poetry to a full scale oil painting. You could also talk about it. 

    • That being said, if you want to submit some art that relates directly to the current situation that would be awesome. For some inspiration, maybe make something that answers one or more of the questions in the next section. 

  • Video in a vlog style in which you share your thoughts and feelings around the virus and self-quarantine. Here are some questions you could answer:

    • How are you feeling today?

    • What have you been doing to pass the time?

    • What has been the hardest part of this situation for you?

    • What, if any, have the silver linings been?

    • How is being in isolation affecting you/your art?

    • Anything else you’d like to say?


The video doesn’t have to be perfect, but here are some basic guidelines so that the footage is usable:

  • Don’t film vertically

  • Make sure the footage isn’t too shaky.

    • Every cell phone has better auto-stabilizer than most cameras. When in doubt, use your phone to film.

    • If you need to move your phone/camera to show your work, hold it with both hands so that it can be stable.

    • One hand is probably fine if it’s a selfie video. 

  • Make sure there isn’t too much background noise.


Upload your videos to Google Drive and send us the link through the Submissions form. The videos will be edited together into a final video posted to our YouTube channel. Additionally, we will upload all submissions to a gallery on our website.